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The granddaughter of a clairvoyant, Melodie is regarded by the media as one of the most gifted "natural" clairvoyants in the world.

Melodie's studies began at age 12 when she was encouraged to study the teachings of Edgar Cayce.  Through her research of the Edgar Cayce Foundation as well as the Association of Research and Enlightenment, A.R.E., Melodie knew she found her calling.  In the field of psychology, Cayce has often been compared to Carl Jung.  In the realm of education, he stands with Rudolf Steiner.  Dr. Richard H. Drummond, one of the world's most renowned theological scholars, called the Cayce information on spirituality "the finest devotional material of the 20th Century."  From Edgar Cayce Melodie moved on to Dr. Don Torres, founder of the Triune Science of Being in Los Angeles.  Dr. Torres discovered young Melodie's talents, as she then became one of his greatest protégés.  Dr. Torres has since passed away, but Melodie has continued with her many gifts and study for over 30 years.

Melodie's expertise covers clairvoyance, clairaudience, astrology, numerology, past life regression, psychometry, séance, tarot and ghost busting.  Melodie is often hired as a consultant for many homicide and missing persons cases throughout the U.S.A.  During a 1994 reading for a Los Angeles detective, she predicted a horrific knife murder in June (what later became the OJ Simpson case).  Melodie was also called in during the disappearance and murder of Sandra Rosas, the wife of Los Lobos band leader Caesar Rosas, and was not only able to accurately describe the events leading up to the murder, but gave the police the name and personal relationship of the murderer.  Melodie was also able to tell the police where the body was buried.  Melodie has helped countless individuals and families deal with crisis of missing loved ones.

Melodie is enjoying a great success helping and healing people with eating disorders.  This is accomplished through therapy and past life regression.

Melodie is also credited for dealing with crisis in the work environment.  Many corporations will call up Melodie for contractual decisions as well as employee counseling.

In 2002 Melodie was featured in a Discovery Channel series titled "Secrets: High Class Haunts" in the episode "The Queen Mary."  In February, 2003 W Magazine included Melodie in their annual issue of Hollywood's A List as "one of the town's top psychics", and has remained on that list for the past 3 years.  Melodie has also appeared on such shows as "Flash TV" in Quebec, Canada, MTV's "Hillary Duff's Diary", "The Tonight Show", "Donny and Marie", and NBC's "The Other Side".  Melodie made her onscreen debut in the feature film "Elvis is Alive" based on the life of Elvis Presley where she was hired by its producers to perform a séance and contact the spirit of Elvis.  Those same skeptical producers and family friends of Elvis became believers after Melodie proved successful in reaching him.

Mostly Melodie enjoys the work that she does with her steady clientele, as well as the many seminars she teaches throughout the country.  She helps guide individuals through the path to personal empowerment and allows them to develop their own intuitive abilities and take charge of their lives by creating awareness.

Melodie brings her entertaining and direct insights to fund raisers as well as corporate and industry special events.  Melodie's life goals are dedicated to teaching awareness.  "Self-awareness is only the beginning; universal awareness is the goal."