Hi Melodie!

I hope that this finds you enjoying a beautiful summer day and well past the state of bronchitis!

Today I received an email that completely validated all the information your gave me regarding Oliver's school and a scandal that just hit. I am sure you do not need the validation, but I thought I'd let you know anyhow.

We had discussed the intuition that I had regarding something being very wrong at his school. You let me know that we needed to get Oliver into a new school and that a scandal is approaching. At this point all we know is that the principal and her secretary have been fired and that the preschool has been closed.

Of course it is my hope that all the children are ok and that perhaps it is a financial scandal and not an abusive one. We don't have all the details yet...

Thank you for your guidance and your friendship (Debby, the mother of one of Oliver's schoolmates thanks you as well).

Sending love and big, huge hugs,