I have been a client of Melodie's since 1999, and have found her to be an exceptional astrologer and clairvoyant. What I love most about Melodie is her honesty and directness in her approach-she always "shoots from the hip" and says it like it is...I feel like I'm in good hands when she reads for me. I appreciate that quality in her as much as I appreciate her intuitive gifts. Melodie also makes me feel understood-when I leave her home after a reading, I feel empowered and positive about my life and what the present and future moments hold for me.
I have also recommended her to friends, who were equally impressed with her, especially her ability to channel. My best friend had a powerful experience with Melodie's channeling ability back in 2003. It blew her mind!
I have consulted with various intuitives over the past 23 years-shamans, psychics, astrologers, healers, etc., and I'm very fortunate to have been led to many gifted people; Melodie is one of the best!
Kathleen D.